Secret Agents

Become a BTDB Secret Agent

It’s simple, all you have to do is be a regular submitter of bluetooth douchebag pictures and I’ll officially crown you as a BTDB secret agent.

I see some T-Shirts in the near future but want to get a few people in the crew before making them.  Once you submit several pictures then I’ll send you a free t-shirt so you can strike fear in the hearts of those that ignore their conscious and continue to wear their bluetooth headsets in public.


Current BTDB Secret Agents

Yimmy the Tulip: He’s our top agent here and has been submitting pictures from day one.  I get about 1-2 pictures a week from this dedicated agent.  One of his favorite and most successful spots is QT (Quiktrip).

Aaron: Aaron has begun specializing in bus pictures in the Phoenix area and is our number 1 public transportation BTDB secret agent.

Jaxs: Jaxs has snapped BTDB pictures anywhere from a Diamondbacks game to the local Fry’s supermarket.  She’s quickly becoming one of the top agents and might give Yimmy the Tulip a run for his money soon.

Nikki: Nikki’s pictures are consistently high rated and she was the one behind the infamous “in the club” shot heard round the world.

Travis Jacobsen: Travis became an honorary secret agent since he submitted the first Disneyland douchebag, what an amazing find!

Beer Man Chris: Another fan of the QT hunting grounds, this guy is off to a quick start with several submissions!

Photo Mike: Mike resides in Miami, one of the premier places for bluetooth douchebag sightings and not only does he send me pictures on a regular basis, but he’s been helping spread the word to all his friends!  Thanks Mike!

Skippy Matador: Based in Miami, this guy finds BTDBs left and right.  His specialty has become Five Guys burgers where he grabbed this epic shot the same day I grabbed one at the Five Guys in Phoenix!

Haruuur: Our neighbor to the north, Brandon Harrar, is a regular contributor and has a very steady hand, providing some of the clearest and best shots of bluetooth douchebags.  He’s officially our first international secret agent! Check him out on Twitter @haruuur

  • Eric

    big fan of the site – you have to see this – bluetooth barbie!

  • yerma

    I about fucking time someone made a website to honor all the fucking douchebags in the world wearing bluetooth headsets. Why do all act like cock sucking arrogant high rollers?! I don't know, but I know I am not alone in thinking they are a bunch of douchebags!

  • Countryboydetailing

    there was a bunch of dumbass arguing about the show operation repo being fake of corse its fake it says it in the opening credits whats to argue end of story shut the hell up all these reality shows are all fake and they don't even hide it you fucking itiots all tv is fake if you want reality watch the news

  • Anon

    HELP ME!
    My boyfriend has become a a bluetooth douchebag! And he's only 23!

    • Since he's young, there's still time to save him. Simply show him this site, especially the videos section. If he still insists on wearing one in public then I recommend finding a new bf.

  • juan angel

    hey man what do i need to do to get a job with operation repo

  • Spencer Harris

    I forgot all about this website and I miss it.