About BTDB


You see them all over the place and now you can finally do something about publicly humiliating those hands free douchebags and bluetooth douches you see running rampant around the airports, restaurants and Scottsdale AZ!

I’m a Hypocrite!

Yes, it’s true, I actually use a Bluetooth headset.  In fact I use the number one rated Aliph Jawbone…but before you get all huffy puffy and start sending me hate mail I’ll let you know that I use it in two places, 1. my home office and 2. in the car.  Those are called “acceptable places” as opposed to walking around the local Starbucks or airport like so many people do who you begin to even question whether they have a cell phone hooked up to it or just want to feel important wearing their birkenstocks with socks.

Just so there’s no confusion

Here’s a list of acceptable and unacceptable places that you can be a bluedouche:

Acceptable Places To Use

  • In the car – for safety purposes of course, it’s even the law in some states
  • At home
  • In your office with the door closed
  • If you’re in a wheelchair or have prosthetic arms
  • NEW! In a hospital bed, best of luck to @fbeaman‘s father
  • If you’re Leslie Cochran, wherever you want!

Unacceptable places to use

  • In the airport, it causes confusion
  • While talking to someone face to face, it’s rude
  • At dinner
  • On a date
  • At K-Momo
  • While parusing the hotpants section at TJ-Maxx
  • At a wedding
  • On the golf course
  • At the beach
  • On covers of magazines!
  • Starbucks

If you can think of any other places where it’s unacceptable to use please let me know and I’ll expand my list.  Most importantly, SUBMIT PICTURES!