Steven Leckart from at CES on “Stylish” Bluetooth Headsets


This guy gets a pass because right at the beginning he admits that wearing a bluetooth headset makes you look like a douchebag.  I don’t agree with the product though, they’re trying to stylize the bluetooth headset…this just ensures my site will be chock full of pictures for years to come!
Location: CES in Las Vegas

  • Wes Sledgehammer

    I like how he gets in a douchebag then balls blast and winds up getting all scientific using the words scrotum & genitals. I wear the BTDB badge with honor and I'm not sure I want to close deals using a BT w/ the picture of a dog catching a beat. How about some Ed Hardy?

    • Ed Hardy's a great idea, that's why I started and just need to get a hold of the guy who runs the Facebook group “Thanks to Ed Hardy I Recognize Morons Right Away” then we'll really start spreading the word!

  • Tim

    This brings Douchebaggery to a whole new level! A Cheech n' Chong headset? A dog licking his balls?

    You should be too focused on closin' deals to care what your gear looks like, pansy.