Lou Pizarro from “Operation Repo” – Fake Show

UPDATE: If you want to see how a REAL repo business is run, check out Larry Pittman on “Repossessed” on the National Geographic Channel







“Operation Repo” is a blatantly staged “reality show” on the Tru network.  I saw a promo and noticed this Lou Pizarro douchebag was wearing a bluetooth earpiece during the interview.  Unless you’re on an organ transplant waiting list my guess is there’s no call important enough to interrupt the cast interview taking place for this fine television program.

Two more things, 1. Just look at his wife…jesus H! 2. Their “tow truck” is a Ford F-250 with a make shift tow assembly in the back (you can see it in the cast picture).  How pathetic is that?  I can’t believe this show is still on!