Lou Pizarro from “Operation Repo” – Fake Show

UPDATE: If you want to see how a REAL repo business is run, check out Larry Pittman on “Repossessed” on the National Geographic Channel







“Operation Repo” is a blatantly staged “reality show” on the Tru network.  I saw a promo and noticed this Lou Pizarro douchebag was wearing a bluetooth earpiece during the interview.  Unless you’re on an organ transplant waiting list my guess is there’s no call important enough to interrupt the cast interview taking place for this fine television program.

Two more things, 1. Just look at his wife…jesus H! 2. Their “tow truck” is a Ford F-250 with a make shift tow assembly in the back (you can see it in the cast picture).  How pathetic is that?  I can’t believe this show is still on!

  • lakes

    Dont hate you broke ass, they're making money and you aint.

  • mike proulx

    hey matt i think you are a seriuos pussy i would love to get into your face and show you how to stay on your feet and be a man!!!!!

  • mike proulx

    and bye the way matt i have driven tow truck for over twenty years and i have repoed almost everything and you should go back to ballet you big pussy not ever have i ever had the problems you have it's because everyone knows your a pussy bitch.

  • A.Edward Moss

    Hey Brian (yes, “you” Brian…)
    Just between you and me, are you everybody?
    You have my address…
    A.Edward Moss

  • A.Edward Moss

    And another question Mr. Brian…, how in the heck can I show the world my gorgeous mug like you?
    Must I say it again? Ha! I freakin' slay me. HHhhhhahahahahahahahaha…..
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    A.Edward Moss

  • Reality Check

    The simple fact that you can google this EXACT subject goes to show how full of shit this show is. All you have to do is look at the perfect camera angles and the fact that they put their hands on almost every person they get into a heated coversation (you just cant do that, not legally and definitely not on camera) its called assault. If thats not convincing enough…how about the piss poor BAD ACTING!

    Everyone is here because they obviously had doubts.

  • tjcinc

    thats his sister moron, its not staged, the cops dont act . who cares if he uses a bluetooth, you just jealous you cant. their tow truck is the same that other repo people have. at first i wondered but its real.

  • stpauligirl

    wow..whats w/all the arguing? it u want to believe its real..then its real
    if u want to believe its fake..then its fake
    end of story!

  • A.Edward Moss

    Never mind i have realized I was wrong.
    I am a complete idiot for my wrong opinions.
    I give my most sincerest of apologies.
    A.Edward Moss

  • Towwoman

    My insurance company would Fax me a notice (Canceled Immediately) if they saw my Company acting like these idiots,

  • mikeboileau

    Your a lousy actor and a chicken shit piece of trash. All talk no walk. You puke!

  • Jenn

    My husband and I debated for hours wheter the so-called show is real or not…….
    it seemed damn apparent to me that the show was fake as Pam Anderson's tits.
    I don't even find it entertaining, it is so over the top dramatic I can't stand a minute of it! It really ruined my love of the orginal “court tv” now its a far cry from “tru tv” I am disgusted with the entire channel now!
    What happened to the days of forensic files and american justice, thier ROOTS!
    boo! Who ever's bright idea it was to put this show on…. a little word of advice……. FIND SOME “REPO-MAN that I can stand to look at! You got 4 of the ugliest lop peice of shit mother fuckers I have ever seen.

    • Fernando

      hey, I agree 100% with the last comments. They would have been sued for assault long time ago! The old shows were a lot better. These people look like criminals and I think they are too, the boss guy seems very decent, but if I saw that woman coming to my door I would call the police right away. I agree with you, except for the language you use when writing, please do not use it in the net since kids also read these

      • fuck

        You are a completely retarded mother fucking-fucker

        • Fernando

          soory, I don't pay attention to idiots like you

        • Fernando

          by the way, what nationality are you? are you a woman?

  • wayne

    how many ugly fat whores did they go through to find this slut

  • Mark

    This show is a joke. lol

  • operation repo hater..

    the wanna be bad guy that pissed his pants, you know who i am talking about. MATT. what a freakin loser, the rest of the cast are idiots that if they didnt have this, probably couldnt find a real job. but that matt is a serious dork, everyone thinks so.

  • marcos

    come on…of course its a f..fake show…cant u see when they call for help, for cops, those police cars never show identification on the door like a city name or something..fale,fale,fake

  • Patrick T

    Your all over reacting morons. Even if Derek is not correct how does it give any of you the right to slander him, belittle him or trash anyone else because your big tough people hiding behind your monitor's. Maybe you all should read the bible. Derek thank's for your service on the police force. Everyone else you should be ashamed of yourselves. Haven't you ever been taught to respect your elder's?

    Some of the situations portrayed in “Operation Repo” violate the Collateral Recovery Act of the State of California, and thus are for entertainment purposes only. (Key word there is some)

  • A.Edward Moss

    Allow me to reiterate…
    The best damn reality show I have ever witnessed was the dramatic account of “balloon boy.”
    Now that, my friends, is called entertainment!
    A.Edward Moss

  • Operation Repo fan

    Most of you guys are a bunch of morons. First of all, Sonia is Lou's sister and second ,I was on vacation when I saw a big commotion going on down the street.We quietly walked down the street to check it out just as Lou was pepper spraying some loudmouth. I had never seen the show before and was told by some other people watching what it was all about.When we returned from our vacation I found the show on T.V. and watch it every chance I get.After reading some of these comments I realize how bloody stupid some people can be.First of all,they have legal document stating it's a repo job plus there's cameras all over the place, and in case you haven't noticed most of these people admit to being behind on their payments.As for it being staged with actors and such, gimme a break. When I saw lou pepper spraying that guy it look plenty real to me.The repo crew and camera guys all left and this guy was still in the street whining and moaning. The disclaimer in the begining doesn't say it's not real.I guess Parking Wars and Wrecked are staged too! Some people are so skeptical it's pathetic and really does so that for every smart person there is AT LEAST one Dumb person

  • heyyouyeayou

    I watched the show in the beginning, but when they had the scene where they're at an ice rink and these guys are going after them????lol…….BOGUS. I won't watch this show anymore.

  • heyyouyeayou

    P.S. At first view? You only realize only its fake IF….you're someone who does reposessions for a living? OR….IF you're a poor ass son of a biotch who can't pay their note 😉 and have been reposessed in the past. For those of us who pay our bills on time? It takes a few episodes 😉 lol

    • Operation Repo Fan

      Wow, you don't even make sense. What the hell does paying your bills on time have to do with being able to tell if a show is fake or not??? Maybe thinking like that is the reason you can't understand what's real and what's not! I guess you will just have to go back to the “reality” of jerry springer or whatever you watch.

  • Chuck.U. Farley

    In reply to Brian,HOLY SMOKES MAN!!! GET A LIFE. You're constantly whining that you don't watch the show and blah,blah,whine,snivel,snivel. I went through all the comments just to see people's opinions and for 5 MONTHS you been crying about how dumb people are,how naive people are,etc,etc. After I post my comment,I might check back once or twice to see other peoples comments but definitely not every day for 5 MONTHS. I like to do other things like work, party,spend time with my kids and have sex(you can only call it sex Brian if there is another person included,lefty or righty don't count).I don't care if the show is fake or not for crying out loud.It's just entertainment. But for sure I'm not gonna give up part of my life to trying to convince anybody/everybody (insert whiny little voice here)”it's not real,it's not real, it's fake, it's fake”. I'm pretty sure that most people,regardless of believing that Operation Repo is fake or not,would agree with me on this when I say “Hey Brian,build a bridge and get over it man”

    • I'm not the one whining, I've spent a grand total of about 30 minutes responding to some of these people before realizing that it's a futile waste of time. You'll notice most of the comments are from other people besides myself. I just did a stupid post about a stupid show and all this fallout has taken place.

      Build a bridge and get over it? Wow, I bet you love the phrases in Back to the Future like “Make like a tree and leave.” Genius.

      • Chuck.U.Farley

        Wearing your collar up like that went out around the same time as back to the future came out.I also took a good look at your profile picture and thought, is that a bluetooth headset in your ear? “what a douchebag”

        • good god man, for someone who apparently doesn't have time to waste by commenting on stupid blogs, you sure are commenting on my stupid blog quite a bit. Do you not realize that my picture is satirical? That means I'm poking fun at the people who wear bluetooth headsets by also incorporating other douchebag trends like the popping of the collar.

          I can't wait to see what else you have to comment on that will just continue to show your ignorance.

          • Chuck.U. Farley

            My only other comment is like Rick says about being “invisible”. Just keep on commenting Brain and you won't have to worry about it.

  • Rick

    i would have to agree with chuck that after reading his comment i too went back through past comments and was really surprised that this brian character has this much time on his hands to dedicate so much of his “life” to complaining about the “reality” of operation repo. i got a good laugh from brian's comment to jeffsgirl about he stopped saying “get a life” in the sixth grade. pretty grown up are we now brian? yea it really looks like it! it's grown up hiding behind a monitor , shooting off your mouth eh! you're probably pretty tough on the phone too i bet.(lol) But without the computer to hide behind you would probably be one of those people that go through life being invisible so if this makes you feel important, fill your boots boy!

    • Not worth my time

      • Rick

        “Not worth your time” but you still used your time to reply and say that. I guess if you didn't reply you might be invisible. Your reply to this comment will also keep you from being invisible unless you don't reply. (yea right)

      • A.Edward Moss

        Hey “B. Man” (Brian)
        Every once in a while, I visit this web site to see what you have written. Do you remember my earlier email?
        Now I'm curious as to whom is actually an “idiot” and who is you.
        You're quite good but the futile attempt (no disrespect) has many similarities in the style, if ya know what I mean…
        Anyhoo, I'll be back. You be Mozart… Ha!

  • Michael Browning

    You've gotta be really stupid to think this show “operation repo” is real. It's fake. People trying to be actors (terrible ones at that) and a script that's at best stupid. Matt is an overactor and a terrible one at that. Sonya is a circus freak and Linda is 3 pounds of makeup short of being sonya. The show is based highly on shock value. It's no reality show…..it's totally scripted. They break the law when doing repo's.. like watch the show and watch how many law's get broken when Matt is on. The show helps Matt appear to be bad and mean, when really he's a whimp and scared to fight. He's just arrogant and full of himself. Same with the girls who are insecure and are spoiled cause their daddy/brother owns the company (if he indeed really owns a real repo company, if he does it's just a company he made for the fake show). Frodo or whatever his name is, uses the show to act like a ladies man. Their all out to use the fake show to their individual advantages. There is NO doubt the show is scripted and fake. That's obvious. Any retard could tell you that. I personally think the show is funny, but have lost interest in the show since the level of acting is really bad. You people defending the show cause you think it's real, make me laugh. Most those people in show have appeared in other “reality” shows….their all wanna be/washed up actors.

    • rob69

      Did you ever think that maybe you think it's bad acting because it is real life,they don't get ten takes to get it right. The episode with the guy that thinks he's micheal jackson and kicks matt in the hooch, you think thats bad acting? First of all,who the hell could come up with a script like that and second,i see shit every day that if i thought it was acting i would say it's bad acting but because it's happening right in front of me i have to believe its real life. So the next time you see something in front of you that looks like it's bad acting what are you gonna say….it's not real because it's bad acting. As far as i'm concerned thats what makes real life…real . Most people are bad actors thats why most people aren't movie stars. Also you need to look up repo laws in cali (i have)and you would see that unless the gate or fence is locked,once you have the vehicle,possesion is nine tenths of the law. Also if you have proof that someone physically assaulted you first,(duh, thats why the cameras are there) you are acting in self defense. Thats why if matt puts a guy in a choke hold to RESTRAIN him, he's not breaking the law as long as he can prove the guy assaulted him first(remember the camera thing).Thats why you don't see him punching guys in the face and actually fighting . he's only restraining them. Before you start calling people retards you should think about what you're saying.People keep bringing up this thing about bad acting which is kinda stupid because real life isn't good acting or bad acting, it's not acting at all . It's real. I'm sure that if I was caught on camera for some kind of reality show most people would think I was a bad actor,because I don't care if I'm good or bad at acting I'm just being me.Does that mean I'm faking it.Of course not. Which ever way somebody behaves when there car is being repo'ed isn't good or bad acting it's just the way they act…………..period! Back to the Micheal Jackson episode again, who the hell has the right to say how that guy was supposed to act. He's got mental problems and he's gonna behave (not act) however he's wants to behave,and it's not good or bad acting……it's not acting at all!! To say a reality show has bad acting is kind of a dumbass thing to say.You can say that Matt is a goof or Sonia is fairly nasty looking, but you can't call them bad actors because what the hell are they supposed to act like,they are just being themselves.

    • ColinG

      Definitely Fake. Besides all the countless items discussed on here, IMDB lists them ALL as ACTORS. Froy was actually a MAKE UP ARTIST for Ali and A beautiful Mind! Even some of the “debtors” are played by actors on Operation Repo's IMDB page.

  • philipdawson

    Still my fave show, just for the humor.

  • Azzabor

    Maybe if you guys read the disclaimer before each show you would see “The stories that are PORTRAYED in this program are BASED on real events” yeah its fake they kinda tell you that.. lol

  • Daytripper43

    I honestly wish operation repo was real but theres to much stuff proving that it's probably staged. Either way, it's a funny show and i'm not going to give anyone a hard time if they think otherwise, and I noticed you guys finally got brian to shut up (unless he responds to this).