24, Chock Full of Bluetooth Douchebags This Season

Assassin guy giving instructions

Assassin guy receiving instructions

Wait a minute, assassin guy CAN hold a phone to his ear!

Can you spot all THREE bluetooth headsets in this picture?

Better make sure your hair doesn’t cover the bluetooth headset

Don’t you love her frustrated face?

Wait a tic! She’s on the bluetooth headset AND holding her hand up? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

“Don’t you see how important I am? Talkin’ on my bluetooth headset? Look, I’m pointing to it!”

“Okay, seriously…I’m closing some major deals right now”

“Uh, let me pull that satellite feed up sir”

Once again, holding your hand to your ear while on a bluetooth headset negates the functionality of said headset.


I noticed a lot of people tweeting about the ridiculous amount of bluetooth headset usage on Fox’s hit show 24 but didn’t realize how rampant it was until I fired up the ol’ compute pute (that’s what I call my computer, so what) and caught up with the first full episode of the season.  I haven’t even checked the second episode yet but I think this show will be a very good source of ammunition for my site.  As much as the bluetooth usage annoys me, I still have to watch it so I can recap for all you loyal BTDB fans…ideally they’ll catch wind of how much people dislike the exorbitant amount of douchebaggery taking place on their show and go back to using their standard flip phones…I can dream can’t I?