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Whoa! This BTDB travels!

Hey wait a minute, I’ve seen this guy before!


My newest secret agent Jfriah may have made a discovery regarding my HotlantaDirty.com post and my Austin, Texas post of the crazy guy.

Message: OMG!!!!! If you look at the photos from Aug 26, Atlanta and Aug 27, Austin…THIS IS THE SAME DUDE!!! I have done a C.S.I-style facial analysis with Photoshop and taken the head, changed the dimensions to resize it and……the facial details exactly superimpose over this dude’s naked butt with TheDirty.com photo. Scary. Dude travels.

I think you’re on to something here.  It looks like the beard changed color but that can definitely happen within a year and a half, that’s when Nik Richie first posted this guy.

He needs a name because I feel we’ll see him again.  From here on out his name will be Old Man Weather (OMW if I’m feeling lazy).


Dallas, TX Bluetooth Douchebag Duo

Clueless Despite Many Warnings



Yes, that’s right…they have been warned by their friends that it’s most certainly not cool to wear a bluetooth earpiece 24/7.  Did they heed the warnings of their friends (still not sure how they have friends with the sort of attitude that makes people think it’s acceptable to display this behavior)?  No, their friend had to resort to sending in pictures to show exactly how strong they stand for the outing of bluetooth douchebags.



Hey you two, she’s doing this to help you.  Please, PLEASE PLLLEEEEEAAASSSEEEEE take off the bluetooths.  I know Texas is a big state and there are a LOT of people you need to talk to in it, but unless you are physically unable to lift the phone to your ear then you don’t need to wear those damn things…especially when EATING AT A RESTAURANT!