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Dos Gringos Douche – Scottsdale, AZ….of course

The picture may be blurry, but it’s clear that he’s a douche



My sister nabbed this one at Dos Gringos in Scottsdale.  Why does this guy need to pretend he has friends?  He’s obviously at the bar alone…nobody’s showing up guy, just drink your sorrows away because you’ve been stood up yet again when the blind date walked in and saw what a douche you are.


Blurry HF2 – Scottsdale, AZ – Dilly’s Deli


Scottsdale, AZ – Dilly’s Deli

If you know the area you know that north Scottsdale near the Scottsdale Airpark is a mecca for handsfree homos.  Plenty of business executives and high level employees that need to talk on the phone constantly closing deals…and then there’s this guy.

Who’s he talking to?

His mom, who else.  How do I know?

  1. High pants
  2. Posture
  3. Head tilt
  4. Phone belt clip
  5. Pleated pants

Not bad for a blurry picture!

Our First Hands Free Homo!

he's so proud!
he's so proud!

Look at this douche!  Not only is he wearing a bluetooth headset but he’s actually pointing to it as if we don’t already see what’s making him such a douchebag!

Wait a minute, is that a “3” sticker I see in the background??? This guy’s a NASCAR fan too!?!?!  Shouldn’t he be using something a little less high tech like a Motorola StarTac attached to his head with a rubber band?