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Starbucks Sally – Selling Her Mary Kay



Her friend is thinking “Let’s get the hell out of her Sally, before I’m seen with a BTDB!

Submitted by: James Mastercraft

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Cardinals vs. Green Bay Packers BTDB


Amy points out the mullet but I see a LOT going on with this shot:

  • Who’s that lady texting?
  • Is her screen b&w? Is that phone from 2002?
  • The two teams playing are the Cardinals & Green Bay (see the cheesehead)…who’s jersey are you wearing GUY?!?!?!

Submitted by: Amy

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Cholo Douchebag in Autozone

Trying to decide between 1 or 2 sets of curb feelers



This Twitpic was shot by @charlesbroccoli in Pho-Town (I didn’t realize that was Phoenix until I Googled it….and I LIVE there!).

There are a few things to notice here…first off that must be his little brother to his right which is unfortunate because he’s figuratively and literally looking up to him in this picture and in life in general.

That’s apparent from the off kilter MLB licensed (with the sticker on the bill) hat which shouts out to society “I don’t care how I’m supposed to wear my hat! I’m going to be different and do it like every rapper in the world!” The shoes and jean shorts are of course the same as well…with the only difference in the outfit being the wifebeater vs. full black shirt that the older brother is wearing.  This is a simple economic matter and once little bro has 17 more oil changes under his belt he’ll be able to afford the same shirt from Ross.

Who’s he talking to?

Nobody, his cell contract was canceled last month but he’s gotta keep up the front.