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Conan O’Brien featured this Los Angeles douchebag uniform on his show the other day.  This was actually the inspiration behind my douchebag Halloween costume, which met it’s fate by being burned…because nobody should wear Ed Hardy.



I think this is one of the more obscure but just as dangerous forms of child abuse…when the parent lets the kid pull this kind of shit.  I bet he has a closet full of Ed Hardy shirts and trucker hats.

Location: Escondido, CA

Submitted by: @jrcrisosto


Jon Gosselin is a Bluetooth Douchebag

by Brian on July 22, 2009

What you’re about to see are 4 examples of douchebaggery exhibited by Jon Gosselin, AKA Jon minus 9.

Cashing his last check

Jon is walking to his car carrying a check from TLC while talking on the phone with his agent who is trying to explain that those checks are going to stop coming since nobody wants to watch the life of a 30-something year old half Asian divorced father with 8 kids from the previous marriage.


Bluetooth Douchebag Blue Steel

Jon is attempting to strike his “blue steel” look while talking to his new 22 year old girlfriend who ironically is trying to start a modeling career as well…only they’re headed in opposite directions, but I think it’ll still last.


“Shhh, daddy’s talking”

You’ll notice in this picture as well as the second, he’s wearing different clothes from the first one so his bluetooth douchiness is not an isolated incident.  Here’s where I’m tempted to call CPC to protect the kids from inheriting their father’s horrible handsfree tendencies.  He’s saying “Shhh, daddy’s trying to tell his divorce lawyer that these $5.99 lawn chairs were a massive win for me in the divorce”


Ed Hardy = Douchebag

I had to throw in this Ed Hardy douchebag picture just to show that even if it were only on two separate occasions that Jon used a bluetooth earpiece in public…he still dresses like a massive douche when he’s not talking on the phone