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First Walmart Bluetooth Douchebag!

Check out where he keeps his multiple cell phones!



Jfriah, the same secret service agent who did the CSI recreation with this guy, was able to snag a picture of this North Dakota Walmart frequenter.  So glad we finally have a Walmart shot becuase every time I’m in there I see someone with a bluetooth earpiece but they must know who I am because they move too damn fast.  Probably because they’re so smart they don’t need to ask for help like the guy above!

Despite the fact that we only see the finest example of upstanding and youthful citizens in Walmart, this guy apparently doesn’t fit that mold and is unaware the cell phone boobs went out back in 2007.


*SING* The Bluetooths on the Bus are Douche-Douche-Bags *SING*




Found this picture on Twitter through @kiana_kiana.  She took the picture because she was airing herself out…I find it hilarious obviously becuase there are two bluetooth earpieces right next to each other…on the BUS!  Lots of people ride the bus, that’s fine…but if you’re riding the bus out of necessity then I’m guessing that money you spent on the bluetooth could go to better use.

Who are they talking to?

She’s calling her boyfriend, telling him to crank up the window unit A/C so she doesn’t sweat her ass off when she gets home.

He’s calling up Paramount to see why his residual checks have stopped coming in for his work in Forrest Gump.

Dual Bluetooth Handsfree Earpieces – WTF!

Why be a regular douchebag when you can double up?

dual bluetooth earpieces

This kid’s obviously headed down the wrong path, hanging out with the wrong kids.  At least take one of those damn things out before someone punches you in the face.

On the other hand, maybe he’s a child prodigy that’s closing business deals AND talking to his mom on the phone at the same time.  “I’ll be home a little late today mom, I have a feeling a group of kids is going to kick my ass on the way home again for wearing two bluetooth earpieces.”