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Costco Kenny Powers Looking Khaki Wearing Douchebag



“Almost got caught taking this one… Check out how big the Bluetooth headset is!” -Jason

Here are a few things I like about this guy:

  1. He’s in Costco…guaranteed he has the black “Executive Member” card
  2. He’s wearing horizontal stripes to try and not look tall & skinny
  3. He’s not even bothering himself with the 20″ monitors…straight to the 28″
  4. Khaki Dockers
  5. Not sure what his hair is doing…but it looks like the beginning of a mullet

Location: Overland Park, KS

Submitted by: @jasoncupp

Costco Cougar Bluetooth

Another One From BleuTool Secret Agent



Just another twitpic from BlueTool’s collection (he’s my number one Secret Agent).

He definitely scored major points on this Costco sighting.  My favorite is definitely the rhinestone CABO hat, it just screams “I’m on the phone with my travel agent but my outfit is telling you I’m already in Cabo!”

Her son is probably thinking “Yeah guy, I know…at least you don’t have to be seen with her every damn day! Why do you think I’m making her buy me another Wii game?”