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Tucson BTDB, Driving & Yelling…or Singing



Not sure if she’s yelling or singing, but either way I’m not going to give her too much shit since she’s in the car which is an approved place to wear the bluetooth…even if she is wearing a U of A shirt…BOOOO CATS!

Location: Tucson, AZ (The asshole of Arizona)

Submitted by: @chrispeezy

PT Cruiser Douchebag

There are a few things wrong with this picture



  1. You can’t even see the bluetooth douchebag inside the car
  2. In the car is one of the approved places you can wear a bluetooth earpiece
  3. It’s a dude…in a PT Cruiser

A buddy of mine sent this one to me and assures me the guy was wearing a bluetooth.  I would have let it go but then saw the PT Cruiser…so you are on blast guy, whoever you are in the Phoenix area.  I should add “PT Cruiser” to the list of places you can’t wear a handsfree device because chances are, you have no friends to talk to if you’re driving a PT Cruiser.  That or you’re too old to know how to work a bluetooth earpiece (old people LOVE PT Cruisers).

Ron Jeremy’s Douchier Brother

greasy_bluetoothYet another Flickr find, this one from “Delicious Soup.”

What looks like Ron Jeremy’s not so distant cousin or long lost brother is actually a snakeoil salesman in Los Angeles, CA.  Can you believe this shot was taken in LA???

Speaking of where this shot was taken…I just noticed it but is the person snapping the picture in a Smart Car?  Look at the reflection in the red car’s paint.  Not sure what’s douchier, wearing a bluetooth or driving a Smart Car

Our First Hands Free Homo!

he's so proud!
he's so proud!

Look at this douche!  Not only is he wearing a bluetooth headset but he’s actually pointing to it as if we don’t already see what’s making him such a douchebag!

Wait a minute, is that a “3” sticker I see in the background??? This guy’s a NASCAR fan too!?!?!  Shouldn’t he be using something a little less high tech like a Motorola StarTac attached to his head with a rubber band?