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*SING* The Bluetooths on the Bus are Douche-Douche-Bags *SING*




Found this picture on Twitter through @kiana_kiana.  She took the picture because she was airing herself out…I find it hilarious obviously becuase there are two bluetooth earpieces right next to each other…on the BUS!  Lots of people ride the bus, that’s fine…but if you’re riding the bus out of necessity then I’m guessing that money you spent on the bluetooth could go to better use.

Who are they talking to?

She’s calling her boyfriend, telling him to crank up the window unit A/C so she doesn’t sweat her ass off when she gets home.

He’s calling up Paramount to see why his residual checks have stopped coming in for his work in Forrest Gump.

Ron Jeremy’s Douchier Brother

greasy_bluetoothYet another Flickr find, this one from “Delicious Soup.”

What looks like Ron Jeremy’s not so distant cousin or long lost brother is actually a snakeoil salesman in Los Angeles, CA.  Can you believe this shot was taken in LA???

Speaking of where this shot was taken…I just noticed it but is the person snapping the picture in a Smart Car?  Look at the reflection in the red car’s paint.  Not sure what’s douchier, wearing a bluetooth or driving a Smart Car