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Douche, Bag, And Beyond

by Brian on December 23, 2009


Looks like this guy DID have enough time to go to Bed, Bath & Beyond…BY HIMSELF!
Location: The Beyond Store
Submitted by: @bleutool

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VIDEO: Closin’ Deals in the Doctor’s Office

by Brian on December 23, 2009


At first I thought this guy was just on a conference call in his office behind him and was waiting to meet someone coming in to meet him through the main doors, still douchey…but alas!  Jay from informed me that this was in fact a doctor’s waiting room!  How douchetastic is that!?!?!  Congratulations to Jay for being the VERY FIRST person to submit a video of someone being such a bluetooth douchebag.  He is now an honorary BTDB Secret Agent!
My favorite quote: “After the convention, bro, I’ma be I’ma be burning San Antonio up, so y’all better get ready”
Location: Doctor’s Office in Houston Heights, TX
Submitted by: Jay from


Old Man in Stater Bros. Counting Change

by Brian on September 22, 2009



There are two things old people LOVE to do at the checkout…count their change or write checks, yet this guy has joined the bluetooth era???

Location: Stater Bros. (California)

Submitted by: @bleutool


Taco Salad Tool

by Brian on September 17, 2009



I don’t know why I like this one so much…but I just do

Location: Airport (Unknown)

Submitted by: @bleutool


Lee Evans on Bluetooth Douchebags

by Brian on July 17, 2009