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Tucson BTDB, Driving & Yelling…or Singing



Not sure if she’s yelling or singing, but either way I’m not going to give her too much shit since she’s in the car which is an approved place to wear the bluetooth…even if she is wearing a U of A shirt…BOOOO CATS!

Location: Tucson, AZ (The asshole of Arizona)

Submitted by: @chrispeezy

Dos Gringos Douche – Scottsdale, AZ….of course

The picture may be blurry, but it’s clear that he’s a douche



My sister nabbed this one at Dos Gringos in Scottsdale.  Why does this guy need to pretend he has friends?  He’s obviously at the bar alone…nobody’s showing up guy, just drink your sorrows away because you’ve been stood up yet again when the blind date walked in and saw what a douche you are.


PT Cruiser Douchebag

There are a few things wrong with this picture



  1. You can’t even see the bluetooth douchebag inside the car
  2. In the car is one of the approved places you can wear a bluetooth earpiece
  3. It’s a dude…in a PT Cruiser

A buddy of mine sent this one to me and assures me the guy was wearing a bluetooth.  I would have let it go but then saw the PT Cruiser…so you are on blast guy, whoever you are in the Phoenix area.  I should add “PT Cruiser” to the list of places you can’t wear a handsfree device because chances are, you have no friends to talk to if you’re driving a PT Cruiser.  That or you’re too old to know how to work a bluetooth earpiece (old people LOVE PT Cruisers).

Discount Tire Bluetooth Douche


Mr. Important Construction Guy

I’m actually looking at this guy right now as I’m uploading his picture to the world wide interweb.  I’m having my front tires replaced and spotted this one a mile away, he’s Mr. Important Construction Guy!

Where: Discount Tire, AZ

When: 7/28/2009

Who’s he talking to?: He’s talking to the conduit guy, the concrete guy, the sheetrock guy, the electrical guy and even placing an order for Filiberto’s across the street.  He’s doing it all at the same time too because that’s just how construction guys do it!