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ASU Sun Devils – Not Immune to Douchebaggery

by Brian on December 7, 2009


This guy must be closing some major deals if he needs that thing in on a Saturday at a football game.  I’ve actually seen two other bluetooth douchebags while tailgating at ASU games this season as well but failed to get a picture of either one despite many failed attempts with my iPhone.
Location: Tempe, AZ
Submitted by: Seth


ASU Sky Harbor Douchebag

by Brian on October 23, 2009


This one’s hot off the presses, was just sent to me by Yimmy the Tulip from Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix.  Unfortunately this guy is wearing an ASU shirt (my alma mater) so it pains me to see such a douchebag sporting maroon & gold….but alas, nobody is immune to the power of!