I Saved Ten Dollars on This Pepper Shaker

by Brian on January 11, 2010



I sat here looking at this picture for 5 minutes before coming up with “I Saved Ten Dollars on This Pepper Shaker.”  I apologize for my lack of creativity on that one…can someone please come up with something better?  I thought of a really nasty one but figured I should keep it PG, we’ve got KIDS online these days!
Location: Bed Bath & Beyond, CA
Submitted by: Unknown

  • How about “Closin' Deals on Household Products: Always on the Grind”

    • HA! I like that one!

    • HA! I like that one!

    • HA! I like that one!

  • RabidTurtleRacing

    with all the money i saved by buying a bluetooth that doesnt quite fit, but rather dangles loosely from my ear, i was able to buy this knockoff salt shaker. After i close some deals……….pepper!

  • “Before I was just a mover. Now I'm a mover and shaker.”

  • zzyt34

    “I closed the deal within the first five minutes and received this amazing salt shaker ABSOLUTELY FREE!”

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