Qwest to Become a Douchebag…Success!

by Brian on November 24, 2009


Yimmy the Tulip caught this guy not getting dirty in this dirty jobs scenario.  Hey, when you’ve got a perfectly pressed blue dress shirt and happen to be closing deals on your bluetooth integrated Matrix style sunglasses the last thing you want to do is get dirty!  That’s what the the ELEVEN OTHER GUYS are for except for the fact that there are only TWO people in the hole digging!  That’s Arizona construction for ya.  Seriously, count them in the background of the first picture, there are ELEVEN people standing around not closing deals like Mr. blue shirt man.

The guy in the truck, he just doesn’t want to talk to the driver so he keeps his earpiece in.  Nothing says “I don’t want to talk to you” like a passenger with a bluetooth earpiece on.

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Submitted by: Yimmy the Tulip

  • No

    Nice. Those people you're making fun of are supervisors; they're not supposed to get dirty like the rest of those people. Perhaps they're wearing bluetooth headsets because they're at their job and answer to someone else.

  • No

    And fuck you for using Qwest like that. I'm guessing you're just trying to be a douchebag without knowing the history of Qwest.

    • Let me get this straight, I'm trying to be a douchebag without knowing the history of Qwest? Do you realize that makes no sense? Please rephrase that and I'll try to formulate a response, otherwise I'll just let you know that first of all, I don't give a shit about the history of Qwest, why would I? And second of all, how would that have anything to do with bluetooth douchebags?

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  • Tim

    Mr. Blue Shirtman gets double DB points for the integrated Matrix sunglasses – that's just WAY over the top (though it provides a handy excuse to wear the bluetooth all the time; “Hey, gotta keep the shades on”). I guess he doesn't have to wear a hardhat because it'd mess up his cool spiky hairstyle… And everybody who doesn't have a shovel should get DB points – how many supervisors does it take to make sure a few guys dig a hole correctly?

  • Jack

    This dick is the poster boy for douches.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll just tell you that first and foremost, I do not give a shit about the history of Qwest, why should I? And second of all.

  • Anonymous

    And anyone who does not have a shovel should get points DB – how many supervisors you need to make sure some boys digging a hole correctly.

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  • Anonymous

    The hole digging! That�s California construction for ya. Seriously, count them in the background of the first picture

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  • Jeff Wienerschnotzel

    HA!  I know that douchebag with the spiky hair!  That’s Steve Cybuch! I used to work for him!  Update: the douchebag was finally found to be unfit to supervise anyone and got demoted to be a paper pusher that never sees the light of day.  I guess the only deals he’s closing now is whatever he’s doing under his bosses desk!

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