Part Time Walmart Employee Wears Bluetooth at Own Court Wedding

I was on Facebook today and saw a photo album entitled “Wedding of Awesomeness” so I clicked of course.  Little did I know I was about to stumble on some dude that thought it was appropriate to wear his bluetooth headset during his wedding!  Not only that, it appears he wears this thing EVERYWHERE as you’ll see in the profile pictures I grabbed.  His profile says he’s a part time Walmart employee which means he’s definitely not closing enough deals.

Starts out very sweet and innocent, even making his daughter part of the ceremony

Wait a second, what’s that in your ear? Are you conferencing in a witness that couldn’t be there in person?

Not even the cake eating ceremony will keep this guy from closing deals.

Maybe it was a one time thing, wait, nope, here are a ton more of him wearing it.  Notice the different hairstyles, this has been going on for some time!


  • Okay 1) say hello to Facebook privacy settings; and 2) I thought it bad when a family member had the damn bluetooth on the whole time, even for pictures but the GROOM?! That is douchey.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    You’d think with all the money spent on a cellphone, he might consider using some of it to get his glasses fixed. 🙂

  • ipissedinyourcoffee

    i cant breathe im laughing so hard right now. i think the duct tape really puts the right accent on the bt. what a douche!!

  • Anonymous

    Nope, here are a ton more of him wearing it. Notice the different hairstyles.

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  • Budd1984

    you can tell that the ‘cake eating ceremony’ was at denny’s

    • Lovee59


  • what a douchebag lol

  • Well, maybe he is conferencing and that looks funny.  It’s like attending a wedding in cyberspace.

  • nopenopenope

    I like to assume people wearing bluetooth at inappropriate times are actually wearing one of those generic hearing aids designed to look like bluetooth.