Granny bluetooth is the cool one at this table

by Brian on December 1, 2009


This one’s a bit hard to spot but I’ll be damned if granny’s sportin’ the bluetooth, probably talking to her grandkids when they’ve all moved on to texting…way to skip a beat!
Location: Murrieta, CA
Submitted by: @thatguyrobj

  • Paul E. Ester

    Consider giving the old geezers a pass, they make some hearing aids that look like BT headsets…

    • jamesmastercraft

      I think you're right, I forgot about those hearing aids that UNFORTUNATELY are made to look like bluetooth headsets. I think whoever thought THAT would be a good idea as opposed to making them look discrete should be fired from life.

  • Hard to spot? That looks like the laser thingie on Predator!

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