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I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.  It’s just plain rude to wear a bluetooth headset while eating with other people.  This guy probably chews with his mouth open and doesn’t even lay the cutlery on the appopriate part of the plate when finished…savages.
Location: Washington
Submitted by: @JMC__


Direct Line to Bill Gates

by Brian on November 11, 2009


I always automatically assume that anyone wearing a bluetooth earpiece in Seattle has a direct line with Bill Gates…who else is important enough in that town to wear a headset in public?
Location: Seattle, WA
Submitted by: @mooshydiva

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Seriously, this guy works at a carnival and feels the need to wear his bluetooth earpiece.  I can see Joe Dirt pulling it off but not this guy.  Notice the spray bottle in the background at the bottom of the picture?  That’s for cleaning up puke.

Location: Puyallup Fair in Washington

Submitted by: Josh

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“Korean Rockstar” Car Salesman in Tacoma, WA

by Brian on September 15, 2009




This guy’s apparently some “dirty ol’ used car dog” who thinks he’s the shit…even calls himself the “Korean Rockstar!”  Apparently he wears Versace glasses too…sounds like an official BTDB to me.

Location: Tacoma, WA

Submitted by: Mike


Must be a slow game



This was taken at the Seattle Mariner’s game by Twitter user @khakitrousers.  She spotted quite a rare site.  First off the guy is older  Second he has, and is using, a gameboy.  Third, he’s up in the nosebleed section which is quite curious becuase if he needs his bluetooth at the baseball game he’s obviously closing deals…shouldn’t he be able to afford better seats?