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“Street Customs” on TLC – Some Dude Closin’ Deals


One of these guys started and runs a successful automotive customization shop, the other one is a douchebag…can you guess which one?  If you guessed the guy with the bluetooth earpiece is the douchebag you are CORRECT!

Million Dollar Listing Douchebags


This is from that show Million Dollar Listing.  This guy in the top picture insists on wearing his earpiece while viewing a property, but when he’s actually in the car negotiating a deal with his financiers…he takes the damn thing out!  It’s supposed to be the other way around guy!

Larry Pittman from Repossessed on the National Geographic Channel

Larry gets a pass and is on my safe list!


Alright, Larry gets a pass because I actually like this show and the way he runs his business…unlike Lou Pizzaro who’s part of a fake show which entertains some of the dumbest people I’ve encountered by way of their comments on my post about Operation Repo.

What I thought was funny is that Larry ran into his doppelganger on one of his runs.  The mechanic does not get a pass in this case, but Larry does because he actually uses his bluetooth earpiece in a job that requires him to have his hands free…plus he’s just a good guy in general.