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Ron Artest is a Bluetooth Douchebag

Alright Ron Artest, you won your first championship and have a big appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, better make the most of it with some weird attention whoring pants.


Wait a minute…WTF is that in your ear? Is that a bluetooth headset? Maybe he was just closing deals back stage and forgot to take it off.


Wait, nope, he’s keeping it in.  He’s wearing a bluetooth headset on national television.  Jimmy should be offended and insulted, how rude is that???


Ron Artest obviously didn’t forget about it as you can see him adjusting it here.


Jimmy asked him if he really has that thing in his ear and Ron Artest just skirts the question, mentioning that he’s been out all night and needs to take a shower.



Is this really what our society has come to? Are these the people we’re supposed to look up to and emulate?  How many of those stupid Lakers headsets are going to be sold over the weekend because of this appearance?  Plenty of material for my site yes, but to be quite honest, if I had to shut my site down due to the lack of bluetooth headset wearers I would actually rejoice in knowing that maybe I had a small part in ridding the world of this stupid trend.

I guess I shouldn’t expect much from the Lakers considering they come from a city that riots after winning any and every championship like a bunch of dumbass hooligans, and it certainly doesn’t help that the team captain is a rapist. I thought football players got the worst of it by displaying idiotic behavior in public but the Lakers are certainly doing a good job at proving me wrong.

Hey Ron Artest, didn’t your mom teach you manners?  It’s rude to wear a bluetooth headset in public let alone while being interviewed on national television.  What would you do if your psychiatrist wore one during your sessions?

Spoiler Alert! Sinbad Fired for Being a Bluetooth Douchebag on Celebrity Apprentice

For those who tuned in last night to Celebrity Apprentice, you probably noticed Sinbad and Goldberg committing the ultimate bluetooth headset sin…wearing a bluetooth headset on television.  It’s no wonder Donald Trump fired him.  Trump claims he failed at being the project manager but we all know he fired him for one of two things.  Being a bluetooth douchebag, or not closing enough deals.

Here’s the breakdown:

Hey, it’s team RockSolid. Wait a minute…what’s that in Sinbad’s ear???

Oh SNAP! It’s a bluetooth headset! Despite being on a huge national television show, Sinbad feels it’s necessary to be accessible at all times for anybody who might be calling.  After all, when your last “hit” was Houseguest, I suppose you can’t afford to pass ANYTHING up!

Sonofabitch! It’s contagious!  Great, now you’ve infected Goldberg with the BTDB sickness!

Goldberg questioning his BTDB mentor as to the whereabouts of his bluetooth headset

Phew! He found it again, back to closin’ deals!

Whoa whoa, wait a minute.  So Sinbad, when you actually use the phone you hold it up to your ear? WTF is the point of the headset then? Oh, that’s right, to make you appear more important than you are.

“Sinbad, you didn’t close enough deals…you’re fired”

“Peace Out!”

“Yeah Sinbad, peace out….douchebag.”


UPDATE!: Holy shit, this guy just loves his bluetooth headsets!  Look what I found on IMDB while looking up Sinbad’s LONG list of amazing work! Sinbad wearing another bluetooth headset.

Two A-Holes Visit….

A Nativity Scene


An Adoption Agency



Even SNL is on board with the bluetooth douchebag movement.  This notorious couple is always obnoxious and the guy always wears a bluetooth headset.

24, Chock Full of Bluetooth Douchebags This Season

Assassin guy giving instructions

Assassin guy receiving instructions

Wait a minute, assassin guy CAN hold a phone to his ear!

Can you spot all THREE bluetooth headsets in this picture?

Better make sure your hair doesn’t cover the bluetooth headset

Don’t you love her frustrated face?

Wait a tic! She’s on the bluetooth headset AND holding her hand up? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

“Don’t you see how important I am? Talkin’ on my bluetooth headset? Look, I’m pointing to it!”

“Okay, seriously…I’m closing some major deals right now”

“Uh, let me pull that satellite feed up sir”

Once again, holding your hand to your ear while on a bluetooth headset negates the functionality of said headset.


I noticed a lot of people tweeting about the ridiculous amount of bluetooth headset usage on Fox’s hit show 24 but didn’t realize how rampant it was until I fired up the ol’ compute pute (that’s what I call my computer, so what) and caught up with the first full episode of the season.  I haven’t even checked the second episode yet but I think this show will be a very good source of ammunition for my site.  As much as the bluetooth usage annoys me, I still have to watch it so I can recap for all you loyal BTDB fans…ideally they’ll catch wind of how much people dislike the exorbitant amount of douchebaggery taking place on their show and go back to using their standard flip phones…I can dream can’t I?