Category: The Ladies

She May be Hot, But Girls Can be BTDBs Too!


Dear iPhoneBabe, your looks may have allowed you to skate through life with little ridicule and plenty of open doors….but the buck stops here, you’re officially a bluetooth douchebag.

Location: Unknown

Submitted by: @iphonebabes

Keyla the Rapper & The Korean Seinfeld Switcheroo


Apparently she’s some balling rapper (what rapper doesn’t claim that shit though)…getting a pedicure while on her bluetooth.  If she’s smart she’d have a Korean translator on the other end so she can know what kind of shit they’re talking about her, pulling the old Seinfeld switcheroo!

Location:Tampa Bay, FL

Submitted by: @k3yz0

Starbucks Sally – Selling Her Mary Kay



Her friend is thinking “Let’s get the hell out of her Sally, before I’m seen with a BTDB!

Submitted by: James Mastercraft

Location: Phoenix, AZ