Category: The Ladies

Douchebag Barbie, Busting Through That Glass Ceiling



Don’t tell this up and comer that she’s not ready for that VP position, she’s closing deals left and right as you can see by the bluetooth headset as well as all the 0’s and 1’s on her shirt and laptop screen.
Submitted by: Darcie

The Epitome of Fashion



Pea soup green shirt, faux leather jacket, fashionably torn jeans and of course the bluetooth headset mean this lady is on top of her Style magazines every month!
Location: Airport Somewhere
Submitted by: Unknown

The Ladies Aren’t Safe From Committing Douchebaggery



Yes ladies, even you can be bluetooth douchebags…in fact, I’ve seen an uptick in female BTDBs both personally as well as through your submissions.  You asked for equal rights, you got ’em!
Location: Airport
Submitted by: @bleutool

Here Comes the Choo Choo!



I’m torn, I can actually see how a bluetooth headset would be necessary for a parent taking care of their kid but since I have no kids I have no empathy.  Some day this will come back to bite me in the ass I’m sure…kind of like the person who notoriously complains about crying babies on the airplane but after becoming a parent finding themselves boarding their first flight with a kid and becoming the person they loathed for so many years.  Isn’t Karma fun?!?!?!
Location: Unknown
Submitted by: @bleutool

Bed, Bath and Beyond Douchebaggery



Spotted this little gem while Christmas shopping (yes, even my pictures take a while to post to the site) and thought DAMN, she’s closing deals all the way up through Christmas Eve!
Location: Bed Bath & Beyond in Phoenix, AZ
Submitted by: Yours Truly