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yimmy wells fargo-WM


This is what’s known as a “rich man problem” whereby you stress out over how many zeros to add to your deposit.  He could deposit the whole cool million he made that week closin’ deals or keep $900k for some “walking around money” as Adam Carolla would put it.
Location: Wells Fargo in Phoenix, AZ
Submitted by: Yimmy the Tulip


Yimmy the Tulip Nabs Two at Arrowhead Mall

by Brian on February 11, 2010




Yimmy the Tulip had a two-fer one day, caught some guy in either Helzberg diamonds or the Coach store apparently closing enough deals to window show at either one of those stores.  The other guy is apparently closing deals at lunch and not conversing with his friend.  Arrowhead mall is a breeding ground for BTDBs.
Location: Arrowhead Mall, Peoria AZ
Submitted by: Yimmy the Tulip

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This Guy Needs Some Viagra for His LimpTooth

by Brian on February 8, 2010



Or maybe he’s just closed so many deals today that it’s worn out and needs to rest.
Location: Arizona
Submitted by: Yimmy the Tulip


Bed, Bath and Beyond Douchebaggery

by Brian on February 2, 2010



Spotted this little gem while Christmas shopping (yes, even my pictures take a while to post to the site) and thought DAMN, she’s closing deals all the way up through Christmas Eve!
Location: Bed Bath & Beyond in Phoenix, AZ
Submitted by: Yours Truly


Washin’ Windows & Closin’ Deals…AGAIN!

by Brian on January 28, 2010



Remember this guy washin’ windows & closin’ deals?  Perhaps these two kindred spirits are sharing window washing tips & tricks while working & closing deals.
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Submitted by: Jackie