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Hoarders on A&E – Paul Cleaning Junk & Closing Deals


There were a few awesome things about this episode:

  1. Paul senior was the one who needed to clean up his yard of junk which he was actually saving to eventually sell for money for his grandchildren…respectable
  2. Paul junior was the one who wore his bluetooth headset over the course of 3 days (hence the three different shirts)
  3. Not once was he on the phone or in a situation where he needed to use the phone while helping his father clean up the yard

Location: Mobile, AL

Submitted by: Myself from Hoarders on A&E

Grandma’s Got a Bluetooth

Medicare’s so bad, she had to buy a bluetooth to sit on hold for 3 hours



Another Twitpic captured this time by @LaTiaChantal from Alabama.  Looks like she’s in some sort of auto parts store and grandma has apparently been waiting for a while since she’s resorted to sitting on what looks to be an uncomfortable stool (I’ve never met a stool that’s actually comfortable).

Hey guys behind the counter, GET MOVING! Grandma’s got shit to do and business deals to close!