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Ron Artest is a Bluetooth Douchebag

Alright Ron Artest, you won your first championship and have a big appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, better make the most of it with some weird attention whoring pants.


Wait a minute…WTF is that in your ear? Is that a bluetooth headset? Maybe he was just closing deals back stage and forgot to take it off.


Wait, nope, he’s keeping it in.  He’s wearing a bluetooth headset on national television.  Jimmy should be offended and insulted, how rude is that???


Ron Artest obviously didn’t forget about it as you can see him adjusting it here.


Jimmy asked him if he really has that thing in his ear and Ron Artest just skirts the question, mentioning that he’s been out all night and needs to take a shower.



Is this really what our society has come to? Are these the people we’re supposed to look up to and emulate?  How many of those stupid Lakers headsets are going to be sold over the weekend because of this appearance?  Plenty of material for my site yes, but to be quite honest, if I had to shut my site down due to the lack of bluetooth headset wearers I would actually rejoice in knowing that maybe I had a small part in ridding the world of this stupid trend.

I guess I shouldn’t expect much from the Lakers considering they come from a city that riots after winning any and every championship like a bunch of dumbass hooligans, and it certainly doesn’t help that the team captain is a rapist. I thought football players got the worst of it by displaying idiotic behavior in public but the Lakers are certainly doing a good job at proving me wrong.

Hey Ron Artest, didn’t your mom teach you manners?  It’s rude to wear a bluetooth headset in public let alone while being interviewed on national television.  What would you do if your psychiatrist wore one during your sessions?

Closin’ Deals At Game 7 of Lakers vs. Celtics



I KNEW I was going to spot a bluetooth douchebag somewhere in the crowd of obnoxious Lakers fans, so it was just a matter of time after Ron Artest thanked his psychiatrist that he hugged this goofy looking fan and BOOM, there’s a guy closin’ deals in the background.  WTF.  It’s game 7 guy, the only people he’s calling is those who he wants to brag to about being at game 7.  If you’re at an event like that, soak it in, live it up…don’t worry about what other people are going to think of you being there.  That’s true douchebag style.
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Submitted by: Yours Truly

Closing Deals at NASCAR – Phoenix International Raceway

I love NASCAR.  Yep, I make fun of people who wear their bluetooth headsets in public but LOVE to watch cars go in circles a few hundred times.  I’ve heard all the jokes but feel free to throw some more my way if you’re not a NASCAR fan as well, but rest assured there is a LOT more that goes into these races than meets the eye.

One of the things that surprises me to no end though, is that there are more people wearing bluetooth headsets than mullets every time I go to these races!  How crazy is that?  Here’s a sampling of what I saw a few weeks ago during the race at PIR.

Here’s one of those guys that comes up to a group of people with stickers or hats, makes you think you’re getting something for free (because that’d be such a great business model right? Just giving stuff away for free), but as soon as you take a hat or sticker he asks for a donation while mixing in his own brand of stand-up humor….and closing deals at the same time apparently. This guy had NO idea that the creator of was ready to take a picture and post it online!

Maybe we don’t pay enough taxes here in AZ since this officer has to close deals on the side to supplement his income.

Not even inside the track yet and my third bluetooth douchebag sighting…check out that watch! THIS GUY MUST BE RICH!

Check out this guy with his posse, what a badass…is that an Assfliction shirt or a lookalike?  Douchey either way.

Oh, and by the way, soul patches aren’t supposed to be this wide


I’m surprised I pulled off this next shot since as you can see this guy was on the move…I’ve got such an eye for bluetooth headsets these days though that I can spot them from quite a distance.

This lady wasn’t wasting any time waiting for her friend to get out of the bathroom, she was closing deals in the meantime in between time.

This one is just epic. Back of a truck. Pink shirt. Closin’ deals.

Which brings us to the best picture of them all.  Guy in a sportcoat, during a race, with a bluetooth headset on.  If you’ve never been to a NASCAR race, it’s LOUD! Everybody wears earplugs or industrial style headphones.  Who the hell is this guy talking to???


By the way, I would like to thank my friend Kathy who’s friend Jeremy hooked us up with some hot passes which enabled me to get most of these shots.  She’s a BTDB secret agent as well!

“Oohhh Saayyyy Caaan You Seeeeee…This Douchebag?”

tw_skippymatador miami patriotic-WM


You know how you’re supposed to take off your hat during the national anthem?  Shouldn’t that also apply to bluetooth headsets?  Honestly guy, are you going to answer a call during the national anthem?
Location: Super Bowl 2010, Miami
Submitted by: Skippy Matador