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Part Time Walmart Employee Wears Bluetooth at Own Court Wedding

I was on Facebook today and saw a photo album entitled “Wedding of Awesomeness” so I clicked of course.  Little did I know I was about to stumble on some dude that thought it was appropriate to wear his bluetooth headset during his wedding!  Not only that, it appears he wears this thing EVERYWHERE as you’ll see in the profile pictures I grabbed.  His profile says he’s a part time Walmart employee which means he’s definitely not closing enough deals.

Starts out very sweet and innocent, even making his daughter part of the ceremony

Wait a second, what’s that in your ear? Are you conferencing in a witness that couldn’t be there in person?

Not even the cake eating ceremony will keep this guy from closing deals.

Maybe it was a one time thing, wait, nope, here are a ton more of him wearing it.  Notice the different hairstyles, this has been going on for some time!


Bluetooth Twitter Profile Pic



Yes, in the car is one of the approved places to wear a bluetooth headset…but taking a picture of yourself doing so and using it as your Twitter profile pic is completely unacceptable.  His profile has since disappeared but apparently he started a new one and is “BOUT 2 GO 2 WRK.” Twitter Profile
Location: Unknown
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MySpace Rapping Douchebags


I’m not exactly sure which one is MYSPACE.COM/DAVIDX03 but they like to hang out with the douche on the far left.  Quick question, what time is it?  I’d ask the guy second from the right because he has two timezones covered…obviously closing deals all over the globe since he’s got to know when the Japan markets open up…he’s got funds to invest!


I just had to show this picture too becuase of the T-Shirt this guy made for himself: “President/C.E.O. of my own real estate company”  Obviously nobody told him that it only takes a couple hundred dollars and some paperwork with the local chamber of commerce to legitimately say that about oneself.  That same someone also failed to mention that real estate is pretty much shit right now…oh well, back to the rapping career I guess.

Dirty Jersey Ultimate Douchebag


Actually…It’s Florida

But seriously, doesn’t this look like a typical dirty Jersey guido douchebag?  His Myspace name is Tu Chiko Dorado which I believe means “Skinny Cigarettes.”

Who’s He Talking To?

Judging by his pose it’s his urologist, he’s asking why it burns when he pees (crotch grab) after that night in Miami where he blacked out.  He’s also talking to his boyfriend who’s in the room and pointing to the Ed Hardy shirt he plans on wearing to the club tonight.

Contact Him

If you want to contact this douche, just email him at and ask him why he chooses to wear a bluetooth earpiece for his Myspace picture but decides the shirt is just unnecessary.