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This douchebag has a gun AND a bluetooth earpiece


My buddy Jason took this one in a Starbucks, and although you can’t see it in the picture he’s got a gun strapped to his belt.  This douchebag is walking around Scottsdale wearing a gun…because he’s hardcore, and you need a gun…in Scottsdale.  Douchebag.
Location: Starbucks in Scottsdale, AZ
Submitted by: Jason

Rusty Spur in Scottsdale – Douche Magnet


Hot off the presses, this one was taken last night in Scottsdale of all places! Looks like he’s alone…well maybe he has his mom on the phone for coaching purposes…definitely not closing deals.
Location: Rusty Spur, Scottsdale AZ
Submitted by: Jackie

Dos Gringos Douche – Scottsdale, AZ….of course

The picture may be blurry, but it’s clear that he’s a douche



My sister nabbed this one at Dos Gringos in Scottsdale.  Why does this guy need to pretend he has friends?  He’s obviously at the bar alone…nobody’s showing up guy, just drink your sorrows away because you’ve been stood up yet again when the blind date walked in and saw what a douche you are.


What a 1997 Bluetooth Earpiece Would Look Like

huge bluetooth earpiece
huge bluetooth earpiece

Submitted through Twitter by @wav4rm

Seriously, this is what Bill Gates would have dished out to the masses if he had developed the technology back in the day.  This thing is HUGE!  Absolutely nothing discrete about this one, he wants EVERYONE to know what a giant douche he is.

“Hey Johnson, I want that report on my desk by Tuesday…what’s that? Oh, I want pickles on my meatball sub.  No, not you Johnson, I was talking to the Deli employee.  Yeah, I talk on my bluetooth and to people’s faces at the same time because I’M A DOUCHEBAG!”

Too bad there wasn’t audio attached…that’s exactly what he said verbatim.