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BTDB Frequents BBQ Joint in South Carolina

by Brian on July 30, 2010



Got this from a friend in SC who says this guy came in yelling on his bluetooth, talked on it while ordering and treated the employees like shit and of course left it on while he ate.  I’m surprised he found people willing to sit next to him.
Location: South Carolina
Submitted by: Nick


Never Too Old To Close Deals

by Brian on June 2, 2010



Don’t worry, it’s not one of those Super Sonic XL hearing aids, this is a legitimate bluetooth headset…and perhaps that’s Warren Buffett!
Submitted by: @bleutool




No wonder I’m getting more submissions from In-N-Out, when people are closing deals they truly have to be IN and OUT really quick.  Eating becomes a roadblock to deal closing, not something to be enjoyed because food is DELICIOUS!
Location: In-N-Out Burger
Submitted by: @bleutool

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In-N-Out of Business Meetings

by Brian on May 13, 2010



This guy is teaching his kid some bad behavior wearing that thing in public…at least he got him a vanilla shake though.
Also, is it just me or does he look like Jimmy Stewart from “It’s a Wonderful Life?”
Location: In-N-Out Burger
Submitted by: @bleutool