Category: Public Areas

Too Bad That Manhole is Covered



You think he’d fall right in if it weren’t?  I think so, when you’re closing deals 24/7 you don’t have time to look on the ground for uncovered manholes (or personholes for the feminists out there).
Location: Miami, FL
Submitted by: Skippy Matador

Greenwich Village Douchebag



The only question I have about this one is what is his right hand doing?  Is that the shocker he’s practicing down out of sight?
Location: Greenwich Village, NY
Submitted by: @bleutool

Is There a Bluetooth Headset Under That Ski Mask?



Apparently this guy had his phone in hand and was carrying on a conversation…perhaps he was simply reciting the safety sign behind him out loud so as to memorize it in case of an emergency.
Location: Indiana
Submitted by: @rob_blue