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More than 1 thing wrong with this picture

by Brian on July 17, 2009

more than one thing wrong with this picture

more than one thing wrong with this picture

Alright, let’s break this one down.

  1. First off the obvious, he’s a handsfree homo.
  2. Second, he’s drinking an MGD because he thinks it’s like a mini bottle of crystal.
  3. Third, his leather jacket looks like he just picked it up from the Goodwill.
  4. Fourth, he actually took the sticker off his flat-billed hat, doesn’t he know that if you want to be a rapper you have to let everyone know that your flat billed hat is officially licensed by the MLB???
  5. Last but not least, he’s at a party that has icicle lights all around, which means he’s in college (community college).  Who’s he on the phone with? The dean of GCC???

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