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Parking Lot



Apparently this isn’t the first time this BTDB submitter saw this dude with a bluetooth headset in either, so don’t blame the broken down vehicle on his need for the headset.
Location: Corona, CA
Submitted by: Billy


Movin’ & Shakin’ & Makin’ Some Deals!

by Brian on October 30, 2009


This guy is literally and figuratively on the move.  Movin’ into a new office and movin’ on up in life!  How else do you explain the bluetooth earpiece?

Location: Arizona

Submitted by: Yimmy the Tulip


Small Penis Truck + Bluetooth = Douchebag

by Brian on October 9, 2009


Find the original picture here on Merrick Brown’s Flickr page.

Merrick saw a BT on this guy when he got out of his ridiculous truck.  I bet the dude was 5 foot nothin’ too.

Location: Chicago

Submitted by: @merrickb

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I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and will assume he just forgot to take it off right after getting out of the car…although he does appear to be in mid-conversation.

Location: California

Submitted by: @dmcguire9