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Penn & Teller Vegas Bluetooth Douchebag

by Brian on September 8, 2009



Submitted by: Matt (Read his story below)

Location: Las Vegas, NV

I am in Vegas at the Saturday showing of Penn & Teller when i come across this example of things gone wrong.  Now i understand Penn & Teller isnt “O” or “Love” but it is still a $100 per seat show and its not exactly the blue man group.  So not only does this clown have his bluetooth on THROUGHOUT the entire show, but he also broke out the VERY fashionable BWB (Black Wife Beater) with the “I barely rolled out of bed for this show and couldnt be bothered to do ANYTHING with my hair” look.  What makes this even worse is I am wearing a 3 piece Armani suit and this guy has A BETTER SEAT THAN ME!!!!!


howdy bluetooth douchebag


I won’t detract points for how dark it is, just because it’s a cowboy

Submitted by: @bleutool

Location: Carson City