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Brad Childress – Creepy Beard…Almost Bluetooth Headset


Some say he looks like he should be in a boy band with that earpiece…others say he likes little boys with that beard.  Either way I don’t like the direction he’s headed as he’ll inevitably become a bluetooth douchebag once that headset goes fully wireless.  Actually, just wait for Minnesota to cool down a bit and he’ll have to choose between his ears falling off or wearing a big ass bulky headset.

Location: Minnesota

Submitted by: Yours Truly

Guy Fieri Lookalike Bluetooth Douchebag

#5-410 Dumbass Street



Jay from Saskatoon, MN sent this one in of a guy who obviously knows where he belongs…on Dumbass street!  If you look closely at the reflection you can see he’s taking the picture himself because even his wife doesn’t want to capture this moment of douche.

Who’s he talking to?

Guy Fieri, asking how he gets his hair to do that.