Category: Hot Girls

Bed, Bath and Beyond Douchebaggery



Spotted this little gem while Christmas shopping (yes, even my pictures take a while to post to the site) and thought DAMN, she’s closing deals all the way up through Christmas Eve!
Location: Bed Bath & Beyond in Phoenix, AZ
Submitted by: Yours Truly

I Saved Ten Dollars on This Pepper Shaker



I sat here looking at this picture for 5 minutes before coming up with “I Saved Ten Dollars on This Pepper Shaker.”  I apologize for my lack of creativity on that one…can someone please come up with something better?  I thought of a really nasty one but figured I should keep it PG, we’ve got KIDS online these days!
Location: Bed Bath & Beyond, CA
Submitted by: Unknown

She May be Hot, But Girls Can be BTDBs Too!


Dear iPhoneBabe, your looks may have allowed you to skate through life with little ridicule and plenty of open doors….but the buck stops here, you’re officially a bluetooth douchebag.

Location: Unknown

Submitted by: @iphonebabes