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Hardware Store


I heard this guy yapping up a storm when I was one aisle over and had an inkling he was a bluetooth douchebag…yep, sure enough!

Sorry for the choppy video, I was trying to capture everything without getting caught…although this guy was obnoxious enough that I was close to telling him to shut it! Ah, who am I kidding? I don’t have the balls to do that….yet.

Location: Home Depot in Mesa, AZ
Submitted by: Yours Truly

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At least his jacket matches his earpiece.
Location: Home Depot, Montreal
Submitted by: Haruuur


Shoppin’ for Screws & Closin’ Deals

by Brian on January 10, 2010



Check out that worn in pocket look, I bet he’s got a round one for his Skoal on the other side.
Location: Hardware Store
Submitted by: @bleutool