Category: Face to Face

Can You Pass the Money Sauce Please?



Simple things required for any human to continue living, such as eating, aren’t slowing this lady down from taking care of business.  I notice there are two beers on the table which means she’s either got a problem (besides wearing a bluetooth headset in public) or there’s someone sitting across from her…which in my opinion is the ultimate form of BTDB rudeness.
Location: Restaurant
Submitted by: @bleutool

Closing Deals for the Kids

tw_skippy matador miami-WM


I suppose wearing a bluetooth headset at your kid’s school function is the lesser of two evils when deciding between that or just plain not being there…doesn’t make up for the face to face conversation he’s having at the same time though.
Location: Miami
Submitted by: Skippy Matador

Hey Bob, You Talkin’ to Me?



This guy’s breaking one of the number one rules, don’t use a bluetooth headset while engaging in conversation with someone face to face…it’s rude.
Location: Montreal
Submitted by: Haruuur