Category: Double Douche

This Dude’s Wearing a Fur Coat AND Bluetooth Headset!



So apparently this wearin’ dude was found at a Lil’ John event (he’s still around???).  I can’t possibly come up with enough phenomenal remarks about this one, let’s let you guys have at it!
Location: Lil’ John Event
Submitted by: @mekdot

A Bluetooth Headset Match Made in Heaven



Either serendipity stepped in on this one and sat these two strangers together or they’re simply the most perfect bluetooth headset wearing couple I’ve ever seen.  If the dude with the aisle seat had one on too I’d stop this site immediately because I wouldn’t be able to find a bluetooth douchebag picture to top it.
Location: Phoenix
Submitted by: Ciaoenrico

Chevy Chase on Community with his Double Douchebag Ears


Chevy Chase gets a pass and is not a douchebag because they’re obviously making fun of the bluetooth headset phenomenon.  He has his original bluetooth headset on his right ear and his new enhanced listening device on the left.  Now if only Joel Mchale could be as good an actor as the rest of the group…he’s gotta work on that.