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197X Toyota Land Cruiser Bluetooth Douche


Yes, it’s one of the approved places to wear a bluetooth earpiece…but when you’re driving an old Toyota Land Cruiser how many business deals are you closing on the road?

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Submitted by: Yours Truly

Johnny Drama Wearing Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth AGAIN!



Johnny Johnny Johnny, the first time I let it slide a bit, but this is just too much product placement especially when your costars are doing the same thing.  No need to get swept up in it and become a douchebag as well.  I hope this isn’t a sign that Entourage has jumped the shark.

Location: Hollyweird, CA

Submitted by: Entourage on HBO

Tucson BTDB, Driving & Yelling…or Singing



Not sure if she’s yelling or singing, but either way I’m not going to give her too much shit since she’s in the car which is an approved place to wear the bluetooth…even if she is wearing a U of A shirt…BOOOO CATS!

Location: Tucson, AZ (The asshole of Arizona)

Submitted by: @chrispeezy

BREAKING NEWS! Trifecta of Douche Spotted in Hawaii

You saw it here first!



Aaronkai from Twitter spotted this bermuda triangle of bluetooth douchebaggery in our first Hawaii (Honolulu to be exact) submission.  We can all see the one bluetooth earpiece but what Aaron informed me of next nearly made me shit my pants…there’s ANOTHER one in his LEFT ear!


His wife is on the other side (you can see her shadow)…and guess what, the douchebaggery is contagious, SHE’S WEARING ONE TOO!

Watch out everyone, this is obviously the power couple of Hawaii!  I’ve received an anonymous tip that they’re  working closely with Joe (from Joe vs. The Volcano) to develop their own line of steamer trunks that double as life rafts.

Thank you Aaron, not only for the picture but for the additional information about the power of 3 which obviously causes people to develop cyborg qualities.  I’m just surprised there wasn’t a fanny pack involved.