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No wonder he couldn’t pull off his Times Square bomb plot…he was too focused on closing deals at the time!

Even Steven Colbert spotted this BTDB! Pay attention at 1:00 in the video:

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Bluetooth Twitter Profile Pic

by Brian on March 18, 2010



Yes, in the car is one of the approved places to wear a bluetooth headset…but taking a picture of yourself doing so and using it as your Twitter profile pic is completely unacceptable.  His profile has since disappeared but apparently he started a new one and is “BOUT 2 GO 2 WRK.” Twitter Profile
Location: Unknown
Submitted by: 2010ISMINE




Yes, I normally give a pass to bluetooth usage in the car because that’s one of the two approved places to wear it (that and at home) but how could I resist this picture?  Seriously, tell me.
Location: Orange County
Submitted by: @iamkrod


Mother of the Year on the Phone with CPS

by Brian on November 13, 2009


Either this lady’s running some sort of unlicensed day care business and it’s booming so much that she needs to be on the phone 24/7…or she’s on the phone with CPS making her getaway and trying to explain how this is all one big misunderstanding, she loves her babies!

Location: Florida
Submitted by: Andrew



We all know that “in the car” is on the safe list of places you can use a bluetooth earpiece without public ridicule…but using a picture of you using it in the car for your twitter profile picture?  Unacceptable, just ask Lorenzo Myers.

Location: Toronto, Canada
Submitted by: @cellguru