Category: Bus

Another Example of “Hands Full Hands Free”



This is what I refer to as “Hands Full Hands Free” or HF squared whereby the user of the bluetooth headset negates it’s inherent functionality by continuing to use both hands to use the phone.
Location: Vancouver
Submitted by: @darylclaudio

Urban Soldier in Camo, “Blue Team Go!”



Greased out hair? Check. Pencil beard? Check. 1 carat CZ earrings? Check. Camo jacket for incognito look? Check. Knockoff Adidas pants with 2 stripes instead of 3? Check.  Alright, let’s move out!
Location: The Bus, Phoenix AZ
Submitted by: Aaron

She’s about to make out with the bus!


Maybe this bus is one of those futuristic ones that can communicate via bluetooth and this lady is having sweet nothings whispered into her ear which is why she’s giving that wall protrusion thing the sweet eyes and going in for  the kiss.  That or there’s something hilarious etched into it…although she doesn’t appear to be laughing.  I pick the first option.
Location: Leeds, UK
Submitted by: @addersop