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Alone at a Bar? Say it Aint So!!!

by Brian on April 27, 2010


Hey guy, I”m just guessin’ that there aren’t any friends on the other end of that line…probably because nobody wants to associate with someone who wears a bluetooth headset at a bar.
Location: A bar somewhere
Submitted by: @bleutool




When you’ve got applications into DeVry AND ITT Tech at the same time, you can’t chance missing the call to tell you whether you’ve been accepted or not.
Location: Chicago, Irish Tavern
Submitted by: @bleutool

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Rusty Spur in Scottsdale – Douche Magnet

by Brian on November 7, 2009


Hot off the presses, this one was taken last night in Scottsdale of all places! Looks like he’s alone…well maybe he has his mom on the phone for coaching purposes…definitely not closing deals.
Location: Rusty Spur, Scottsdale AZ
Submitted by: Jackie


The picture may be blurry, but it’s clear that he’s a douche



My sister nabbed this one at Dos Gringos in Scottsdale.  Why does this guy need to pretend he has friends?  He’s obviously at the bar alone…nobody’s showing up guy, just drink your sorrows away because you’ve been stood up yet again when the blind date walked in and saw what a douche you are.