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Ludacris, now I know why you’ve been under the radar

SplashNews – November 29, 2006

LOLA 281106 B


Having been known for enjoying some Ludacris lyrics now and again, and even forgetting how to actually spell ludicrous properly one time, you can imagine how I’ve felt over the last few years not hearing any Luda rhymes on the radio.

I figured it out!  It’s because of this fashion faux paux (FO-PA not FOX-POX) that he needed the help of T-Pain and his voice modulator to jump back on the scene as of late!  I for one am glad he’s back and sans the bluetooth earpiece.

Who’s he talking to?

James Mastercraft, THAT’S RIGHT! We’re TIGHT! Like this!

Whoa! This BTDB travels!

Hey wait a minute, I’ve seen this guy before!


My newest secret agent Jfriah may have made a discovery regarding my post and my Austin, Texas post of the crazy guy.

Message: OMG!!!!! If you look at the photos from Aug 26, Atlanta and Aug 27, Austin…THIS IS THE SAME DUDE!!! I have done a C.S.I-style facial analysis with Photoshop and taken the head, changed the dimensions to resize it and……the facial details exactly superimpose over this dude’s naked butt with photo. Scary. Dude travels.

I think you’re on to something here.  It looks like the beard changed color but that can definitely happen within a year and a half, that’s when Nik Richie first posted this guy.

He needs a name because I feel we’ll see him again.  From here on out his name will be Old Man Weather (OMW if I’m feeling lazy).


Hotlanta – *WARNING* This is gross

Another from



I know, I know…I’m sorry.  But this is one of those pictures that even though it makes you cringe…it also makes you feel a little bit better about your current disposition in life.

Who’s he talking to?

Rupaul, he’s asking advice on which path he should take…even Rupaul says to take the bluetooth off.