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I See a Malpractice Suit in this Doctor’s Future


Seriously, you’re planning on going into surgery with your bluetooth earpiece in?  I know doctors have a god complex and all but if this guy were going to operate on me I’d punch him right in the face for being a bluetooth douchebag.  He needs to take some notes from Peter Facinelli!

Daymond John, Take That Shit Outta Your Ear!


Seriously Mr. Fubu man, you’re in a photo shoot which either means you’re so busy that you have to keep your earpiece on…or you think it’s fashionable to wear one while doing a photo shoot.  Either way it’s disrespectful to bring that much douchebaggery to Barbara and the pie man.

Location: TVLand

Jabra Stone Bluetooth Headset – Bluetooth Douchebag Approved

Picture Source: Gizmodo


This is one of the reasons I started this website…bluetooth headsets trying to appear stylish.

Bluetooth earpieces are not mean to be fashion accessories, especially when they haven’t even perfected the functionality of most headsets.  In monitoring Twitter activity for “bluetooth” I’ve found that most people aren’t happy with the quality of sound supplied on the receiving end.

Holy Bluetooth Jesus!


If you’ve ever needed another reason to not wear a bluetooth earpiece….here’s what you’ll look like if you do.  This guy looks like he was 7 days and 7 nights late for Woodstock and JUST missed out.

Location: North Carolina

Submitted by: @dsmithsben