Month: March 2010

Closing Deals for the Kids

tw_skippy matador miami-WM


I suppose wearing a bluetooth headset at your kid’s school function is the lesser of two evils when deciding between that or just plain not being there…doesn’t make up for the face to face conversation he’s having at the same time though.
Location: Miami
Submitted by: Skippy Matador

Is That the New Solar Bluetooth Headset?



This shot was nabbed by @bleutool once again.  It’s at a solar convention and I guarantee there were a TON of BTDBs walking around with that new solar powered bluetooth headset.
Location: Solar Convention
Submitted by: @bleutool

The High Rollers Bank at the WF

yimmy wells fargo-WM


“Uh, ma’am…this deposit slip doesn’t allow for enough 0’s….I need to withdraw at least 1,000,000 for this weekend’s Vegas trip.”
Location: Wells Fargo, Phoenix AZ
Submitted by: Yimmy the Tulip

The Epitome of Fashion



Pea soup green shirt, faux leather jacket, fashionably torn jeans and of course the bluetooth headset mean this lady is on top of her Style magazines every month!
Location: Airport Somewhere
Submitted by: Unknown