Month: January 2010

Greenwich Village Douchebag



The only question I have about this one is what is his right hand doing?  Is that the shocker he’s practicing down out of sight?
Location: Greenwich Village, NY
Submitted by: @bleutool

Employees Must Remove Bluetooth Headsets Before Returning to Work



“I found the premier hunting ground, but hunters beware!  Verizon stores, apparently the employees (are NOT required btw) like to wear there phones in planes sight, and rock star trek blue tooths while still answering yet another cell phone.  This place is FULL of them, customers included, but the odds of getting caught are huge, so use the buddy system!”
Location: Verizon Store in Peoria, AZ
Submitted by: Beer Man Chris

Helping Cure the H1N1 Epidemic While Perpetuating the Bluetooth Douchebag Pandemic



I think this is an interesting case of irony where this Walmart lady is helping people with their H1N1 swine flue vaccinations but has no idea she’s spreading the virus of “thinking bluetooth headsets are awesome” pandemic.  FYI, the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic is that a pandemic affects more people…so yes, I’m saying more people are bluetooth douchebags than those who have had swine flue.  Prove me wrong.
Location: Walmart in Phoenix AZ
Submitted by: Dave

Oodles of Deals Equals Oodles of Noodles



“This guy was checkin’ the, and this is no joke, oodles of noodles at a Safeway.  Serious business.”
Location: Safeway, Peoria, AZ
Submitted by: Beer Man Chris