Month: January 2010

Mmmm Philly Cheesesteak Om Nom Nom Nom



“Is that Bob that just joined the call?” “Yeah, I can hear him mowing down on that damn cheesesteak again…why does he hold conference calls during lunch?”
Submitted by: @bleutool

Impatient Tommy Bahama Man at FedEx Kinkos



FedEx Kinkos employees furiously packing the customer’s box, said customer noticeably irritated with head tilted slightly…this guy’s festive Tommy Bahama shirt is obviously not indicative of his attitude at the present moment.

Washin’ Windows & Closin’ Deals…AGAIN!



Remember this guy washin’ windows & closin’ deals?  Perhaps these two kindred spirits are sharing window washing tips & tricks while working & closing deals.
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Submitted by: Jackie

Closin’ Deals at the Phoenix Suns Game




Since Phoenix is notorious for bluetooth douchebags it’s no surprise that they make frequent appearances at the local sporting events.
Location: Suns Game, Phoenix AZ
Submitted by: Chemical Ken