Month: November 2009

She’s about to make out with the bus!


Maybe this bus is one of those futuristic ones that can communicate via bluetooth and this lady is having sweet nothings whispered into her ear which is why she’s giving that wall protrusion thing the sweet eyes and going in for  the kiss.  That or there’s something hilarious etched into it…although she doesn’t appear to be laughing.  I pick the first option.
Location: Leeds, UK
Submitted by: @addersop

Qwest to Become a Douchebag…Success!


Yimmy the Tulip caught this guy not getting dirty in this dirty jobs scenario.  Hey, when you’ve got a perfectly pressed blue dress shirt and happen to be closing deals on your bluetooth integrated Matrix style sunglasses the last thing you want to do is get dirty!  That’s what the the ELEVEN OTHER GUYS are for except for the fact that there are only TWO people in the hole digging!  That’s Arizona construction for ya.  Seriously, count them in the background of the first picture, there are ELEVEN people standing around not closing deals like Mr. blue shirt man.

The guy in the truck, he just doesn’t want to talk to the driver so he keeps his earpiece in.  Nothing says “I don’t want to talk to you” like a passenger with a bluetooth earpiece on.

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Submitted by: Yimmy the Tulip

Creepy Kid Cheering at the Iron Girl Race


The race must be over because it looks like he just “finished.”  I like the sign he’s holding too, “YOU GO GIRL!”
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Submitted by: Angeline